Terms in Plain English

The Vetsource® family of companies helps veterinary practices run a successful online pharmacy through Vetsource Home Delivery, understand their underlying metrics with business intelligence and data analytics services through Vetsource, and provide client communication services through Vet2Pet.

Our Terms of Service are the same no matter which of our companies you work with. Below is an overview of the terms. For additional details, please see our full Terms of Service.

In Simple Terms:

  1. There is only one Terms of Service to sign.

By agreeing to work with one of our companies, you can work with any of our companies. You only need to sign one Terms of Service agreement. You or a representative of your practice will need to approve the Terms of Service agreement before we start working together. Our Terms of Service agreement is available to you at any time. If there’s any discrepancy between this overview “In Simple Terms” and the formal legal agreement, the formal legal one wins.

  1. As part of our relationship, your practice gives us permission to connect to your data.

We use your data to provide the services you have chosen, and we de-identify and aggregate the data to create insights about the marketplace. If you sign up for Home Delivery, Vetsource uses it to pre-populate your client and patient information in our tools, communicate with your clients, and report to you on the performance of your online store. If you sign up for Vetsource Data & Insights services, Vetsource will use your data to provide you specific business intelligence and analytics about your business. If you sign up for Vet2Pet, Vet2Pet uses your data to power your client-facing mobile app and client communications.

  1. We handle and store your data with security in mind. 

We never share client-identifying information about you, your practice, or your clients/patients with anyone who isn’t directly related to providing you the services you’ve signed up for. We won’t share information without your permission with our shareholders or owners unless it’s first de-identified and aggregated (meaning it can’t be tied to you or your practice).

  1. We study data to improve our services and give context to your success.

We merge data with other sources and compare it to other practices to help us find the right combination of metrics that can predict success and guide behavior. We will never identify your practice, clients, or patients in any of our research and benchmarking without your permission.

  1. We’ll stop getting and using your data if we no longer work together. 

If our relationship does end, we will stop getting and using any of your practice data. The one small exception is that we may still use some of your historical de-identified data in our benchmarking and research work for a short period of time.

  1. We charge for our services.

Vetsource Home Delivery deducts fees from the money we’ve collected on your behalf through your online pharmacy. Other services will be invoiced.

  1. You can terminate your services with us at any time.

If you don’t love your experience or service for any reason, you can terminate any service at any time.

Last Modified: November 2022