Leave pharmacy fulfillment and shipping to us

Automated systems and strict quality control measures ensure patients always get the products they need.

The pharmacy journey

Prescription orders go through multiple checks to ensure the highest level of accuracy, safety, and quality control. Our electronic Prescription Management solution streamlines the order process, while pharmacists trained in veterinary pharmacology review each Rx to ensure the appropriate use of the drug before it’s shipped to your client’s home.

  • A client places an order online, or a veterinarian places it through the electronic prescribing tool during an appointment.
  • The veterinarian receives the Rx through Vetsource, where they review and approve, deny, or suggest an alternative.
  • Once the prescription is approved, it’s sent directly to a Vetsource pharmacist for clinical review.
  • A pharmacy technician fills the order. Checkpoints along the way verify the product, patient label, and shipping address, while an automated system weighs, labels, and sorts the package.
  • Clients receive notifications throughout the process, including order status and tracking info, so they’re always in the know.
  • The order completes its journey, arriving at your client’s front door.

An unmatched level of quality control

  • 15+ years of pet pharmacy experience
  • Licensed in all 50 states with Pharmacy and LegitScript certification
  • All items sourced directly from manufacturers
  • Team of specially trained pharmacists review 20,000 prescriptions each day
  • Automated systems support processing up to 30,000 items per day
  • 90% of approved prescriptions fulfilled the same day
  • Strict quality control procedures with an error rate of less than 1 in 50,000

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