Why Pets at Work Are a Win-Win

woman with a dog working on her computer

With many people now working from home, pets are enjoying the increased time with their humans. And the humans are, too! 

Studies show that pets provide a variety of health benefits to humans, like lowering blood pressure and boosting mood, and these benefits extend to a pet-friendly workplace. Read on to learn how pets at work are good for employees and the companies they work for — you might just be able to convince your boss.

Reduces stress. In a small study conducted by the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), 11% of employees who brought their pets to work said they felt less stressed.

Increases employee engagement. According to a study by Nationwide in partnership with the Human Animal Bond Research Institute, pet-friendly companies see a significantly higher level of employees engaged in their work (91%) than companies that don’t allow pets in the workplace (65%). 

Strengthens working relationships. The Nationwide study also reported that more than half of employees at pet-friendly workplaces experience better relationships with coworkers and supervisors. 

Improves productivity. Pets in the workplace can also improve productivity. Nearly a quarter of participants in the VCU study said they were more productive with dogs at work.

Boosts morale. In Banfield Pet Hospital’s Pet-Friendly Workplace PAWrometer survey, over 90% of respondents said pets in the workplace improve employee morale and a sense of well-being.

Encourages communication and collaboration. A recent academic study “A Companion Dog Increases Prosocial Behavior in Work Groups” found that pet-friendly companies foster better communication, cooperation, and socialization among employees.

While not every business can allow pets to come to work — currently only about 8% of companies in the U.S. allow them in the office — it’s clear there are many benefits to pets in the workplace. If you’re currently working from home and enjoying the benefits of having your pet by your side, you just might be able to make a case to your boss when you return to the office.