Millennials: The Conscientious Pet Owners

Woman running outside with Bernese Mountain dog

According to the recent Pet Owner Paths report, millennials are now the largest population of pet owners and are “conscientious and poised to be excellent veterinary clients.”

Roughly 67% of pet-owning millennials view their pets as part of their family and 76% reported they’d rather spend money on their pets than themselves.

These trends in combination with others demonstrate a unique approach to pet ownership – all of which may benefit you and medicine overall. Here are some insights about millennial pet owners that may surprise you!

I found this article online…
Based on a study conducted by Wakefield Research, millennials approach pet ownership much in the same manner that their parents would in preparation of their first child — reading books, seeking advice, and conducting research. It’s also important to note that they “actively gather, curate and assess information from many, many sources” rather than taking everything at face-value. Your practice should be integral to this process as a reliable source of information — encouraging these pet owners’ desire for further education. Providing additional information about pet health can also go a long way towards building client loyalty.

Preventive VS Treatment
Millennials are more likely to use pet products and medications preventively — they also prefer to use products regularly! This could very well mean that this pet-owning population will be more compliant than previous populations. Providing a service that accommodates this trend, such as an option for scheduling the delivery of preventatives, would benefit your clients as well as your practice!

It’s all about accessibility & convenience!
One of the most valued veterinary services for millennials is a 24/7 chat function or texting availability. They are also more likely to contact a practice via social media or email than previous generations. If you haven’t established a social media presence for your practice, consider taking a look at this quick marketing guide. Also, consider offering your clients the convenience of 24-hour online shopping through your own e-commerce store.

The vet and pet-owner bond
Millennials liken their decision-making process to a “long, complex and often iterative journey.” Their views on the veterinarian-client relationship reinforce this concept, as they typically see their veterinarians as an important part of their journey as responsible pet owners. In fact, 50% of millennials are likely to follow their veterinarian’s advice in comparison to 31% of older pet parents. Make sure you’re providing clear therapy recommendations with an appointment follow-up process that reinforces your suggested treatments!

These are just a few ways millennials may influence the pet industry. With the right tools, you can leverage these preferences to provide a more holistic approach to pet care for your clients. Vetsource’s Home Delivery solution provides many of these tools, from convenient scheduled deliveries of pet medications to ePrescribing tools that allow your veterinarians to make therapy recommendations from any web-enabled device!