How Spoiled Is Your Pet?

collie-type dog sitting on the floor surrounded by toys, chews, balls, and a bowl of dog food

Find out with this fun quiz!

What’s the first thing you do when you get home from work?

A. Say hello to your pet.

B. Give your pet a kiss and belly rub.

C. Settle into the couch for a long cuddle session with your furry friend.


You go to the store to pick up a bag of food. What do you end up leaving with?

A. Food.

B. Food and one other item, like treats or a toy.

C. Food, treats, a new collar, a few toys, and a new pet bed — I couldn’t resist!


It’s time to hit the hay! Where does your pet hunker down for the night?

A. On the floor.

B. His cozy pet bed.

C. My bed, duh!


How many nicknames does your pet have?

A. One or two.

B. A bunch.

C. Too many to count.


How often do you talk to your pet?

A. Occasionally — I’ll greet her when I come home or ask if she’s ready for dinner.

B. Regularly — I like to ask her what she’s been up to or tell her about my day.

C. Pretty much nonstop — we have intense conversations on a daily basis.


How many outfits does your pet own?

A. None, that’s not my thing.

B. Just a few.

C. She has her own walk-in closet full of them!


It’s your pet’s birthday! How do you celebrate?

A. Give him a few extra belly rubs and a treat.

B. Get him presents and a yummy birthday treat.

C. Are you kidding?! I have a huge birthday bash and invite all his furry friends!


Mostly As: Your pet is a little spoiled. You give your furry friend plenty love and attention, just as you should!

Mostly Bs: Your pet is pretty spoiled. You definitely pay a lot of attention to your furball. An extra toy here, a treat there — keep pampering your pet!

Mostly Cs: Your pet is beyond spoiled. Some people might say you need professional help, but we have no problem with how much you spoil your pet. Keep on showering your furball with kisses, cuddles, and gifts!