6 Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe This Autumn

mother and daughter outside on a fall day with their golden retriever

Fall is the perfect time for brisk walks with your furry friend in the crisp air and a pumpkin spice latte in hand. But did you know your pet might encounter outdoor dangers as the weather turns chilly? Read on for six things to watch out for.

  • 1

    Leaves and garden debris. As the weather turns colder, ticks love to nestle in piles of leaves and other lawn debris.  Be sure to keep your lawn neat and tidy to reduce the tick population around your home.

  • 2

    Composting bins. These are breeding grounds for mold. Decaying matter can contain a toxin that could be hazardous to your pet’s health. Be sure composting bins are always closed securely.

  • 3

    Antifreeze. Typically used to prep cars for winter, antifreeze may be appealing to your pet because of its sweet taste. Keep it out of paw’s reach, and always clean up spills immediately, as even a small amount can be fatal.

  • 4

    Rodenticides. You may use rodenticides to control mice and rats around your home, as they tend to seek warm shelter when the weather turns cold. To keep your pet safe, use a non-poisonous method of pet control.

  • 5

    Mushrooms. Most types of mushrooms aren’t toxic to pets, but it’s best to keep them away from any they might encounter.

  • 6

    Fall flowers. Certain flowers that bloom in autumn can be dangerous to your pet — beware of chrysanthemums, autumn crocuses, and lilies.