5 Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday for You and Your Pet

woman with her dog during the holidays

Help the holiday season go a little more smoothly with shopping advice, tips for snowbirds, and more.

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    Plan ahead. This year, shipping carriers and retailers across the country are expecting record demand during the holiday season. To allow for potential delays, consider placing your orders a little earlier than you typically would.

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    Monitor your pet’s food and meds. It’s easy to overlook your pet’s supply levels when the hectic holiday season kicks in. Be sure to check medications or therapeutic diets regularly to make sure you’re not close to running out. If you have any AutoShip orders through your practice’s home delivery program, we recommend logging in to their online store and shifting your schedule by 4-5 days.

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    Update your snowbird address. Heading south for the winter with your pet? Make sure your pet gets his food and meds no matter where you are! You can easily update the shipping address associated with your practice’s home delivery program. Log in to your practice’s online store and look for Payment and Addresses under My Profile. From there, you can add an alternate address. You can also check the “Update delivery address for all active AutoShips” box if you have any items on AutoShip.

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    Be prepared before traveling. If you’re traveling with your pet for the holidays, read up on the tips outlined in “Have Pet, Will Travel” to limit the amount of stress for both you and your pet. Also look into COVID-19 guidelines ahead of time, so you know what to expect during your travels and when you get to your destination. The CDC offers tips for holiday gatherings, travel guidelines, and links to health department websites for U.S. states and territories.

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    Take time to relax and enjoy the season. 2020 has been a tough year, and it’s important to take every chance you can to decompress. A furry companion is one of the best ways to boost your mood, so get in a little extra cuddle time when you can. Enjoy time with friends through video chat or a socially distanced gathering, unwind with movie night (or weekend!) with your household, or take an evening stroll through your neighborhood to enjoy the holiday lights.