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ezyVet Integration Setup

Follow the process outlined below to set up integration in your ezyVet software. (Please note this can only be done by a practice administrator.) When you’re done, use the form below to upload the text file generated during setup.

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Create integration setting

  • Go to Admin and choose Integration from the drop-down menu on the top left
  • Select Integrations from the sidebar menu
  • Type “API” into the integration search bar. You should see the option API Partner.
  • Select API Partner. This will load the Integration Settings box.


  • Select Vetsource from the Partner drop-down menu
  • Click the yellow Save button


Configure permissions


  • Choose the Select All button under Scopes. Note: This may say Permissions instead of Scopes depending on your PIM setup.
  • Click the yellow Save button

Download credentials

  • Click the Download Credentials button at the top of the screen. This will download a text file to your computer.

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