Buckle up with these tips for your pet

May 31, 2022 | Pet Owners

Summer is here and it’s time for adventures on the road in the sunshine. Get your pet ready for the road with these tips.

Update your pet’s ID tags

One of the most important tasks to complete before heading out is updating your pet’s tags and microchip information. If your pet wanders off while you’re far from home, their tags and microchip will be essential in reuniting with them.

Every pet will react differently to being in the car for long periods of time. It’s a good idea to take shorter trips leading up to your journey. By doing this, your pet can get used to your car and you can get an idea of how your pet will behave while traveling.

Check in with your veterinarian

Before you hit the road, take a quick trip to your veterinarian. You’ll want to make sure your pet is up to date with vaccinations before venturing out into new territory. Let your veterinarian know where you’ll be traveling so they can prepare you and your pet for any regional issues. When you’re exploring the outdoors your pet may run into some pests, so it’s important to put your pet on preventative medication if you haven’t already. If you’re crossing state lines, consider getting a copy of your pet’s medical records to have on hand in case of an emergency.

Many pets get anxiety while in the car. You can talk to your veterinarian about anti-anxiety supplements to make the trip easier for you and your pet.

Plan a pet-friendly route

If you’re traveling with a dog, you’ll need to take plenty of bathroom breaks. Plan out your route ahead of time and search for pet-friendly parks or rest stops. When you reach these spots, spend a few minutes playing with your pet to get them active and tired before sitting in the car again.

There are plenty of pet-friendly restaurants and hotels for you to take advantage of. Use online resources like petswelcome.com to find the best places for you and your furry travel buddy.

Pack a travel bag for your pet

Make a checklist of the necessities before embarking on your trip. Don’t forget food, treats, collapsible water bowls, a leash, waste bags, grooming supplies, toys, medication, and a life jacket if you plan on visiting water. Pack extra food just in case you run into delays. It is best to bring the food your pet is used to instead of buying it along the way. Stores may not carry your pet’s food, and trying a new brand could upset your pet’s stomach.

Your pet may get into a bit of trouble while exploring with you. Accidents happen, and it’s best to be prepared. Bring a pet first aid kit with supplies for treating minor injuries and removing ticks. If your pet is injured while on your trip, call your veterinarian immediately.

If you are traveling with a cat, look into collapsible litter boxes or enclosed litter homes that will keep in the smell and contents while you’re driving. Your cat may also appreciate having a familiar item from home, such as a blanket to cuddle up in.


The sun is shining and the road is calling, so it’s time to head out on new adventures. With these tips, your pet can enjoy the ride along with you.

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