Valuable advice for veterinary practice success: A year in review

Jan 4, 2018 | Industry Trends

As I often do when year-end approaches, I’ve been looking back over the past 12 months to see what accomplishments we might raise a glass to at the VetSuccess holiday gathering.

From the launch of our How to use your data webinar series to our new partnership with the WMPB study team, we have lots to celebrate. But what I’d like to highlight right here and right now is the progress we’ve made with the VetSuccess blog.

More vet professionals are turning to our blog for practice insights than ever before.

In 2017, we literally quadrupled our readership over the previous year. We are thrilled to have built such a loyal following. Thanks for being here!

By the numbers blog readers increased x4.

We are also extremely thankful to have such an outstanding group of uniquely talented professionals contributing to our blog so regularly and enthusiastically. Each and every one of them has helped us raise the bar.

2017 highlights – our five most popular veterinary practice blog posts

Working back from our fifth most popular post of the year to our record-breaking #1, here are the By the Numbers top blogs for 2017. If you didn’t catch these first time around, give them a read now. If you did, give them another read (it can’t hurt) or share the joy by emailing them to your colleagues. So, let’s take a look at the posts that got the most attention.

Well Managed Practice.

#5 – What it takes to be a Well-Managed Practice®

Every year, the Well-Managed Practice® Benchmarks Study shares the secrets behind the success of the best-of-the-best veterinary practices across the U.S. The 2017 study was no exception. In this report, industry experts share recommendations, insights and much more to help you join the ranks of the best managed practices if you aspire to doing so – and why wouldn’t you?

Learn more about WMPB >

Thoughts on leadership from a humbled CEO

#4 – Thoughts on leadership from a humbled founder

Being a business owner isn’t easy. Nobody knows this better than our very own Martin Traub-Werner. [bctt tweet=”When you’re a leader, you get more than your fair share of the spotlight – even when it’s not welcome.”] During a VetSuccess team-building outing early this year, Martin stood out in the crowd more than he would have liked. What did he learn? Stay humble and surround yourself with generous people!

Get the full story here >

How to make a come-back following a bad online review

#3 – How to make a come-back following a bad online review

Imagine this. You check your Yelp account and see that someone has given your veterinary practice a 1-star rating. As if that’s not bad enough, the accompanying review begins with: “If I could give a lower rating I would.” Do you a) Ignore it. How much harm can one bad review do? b) Reply by giving the author a piece of your mind. You remember the incident well and their account is far from accurate. c) Read this post for directions on how to make the best of a bad situation before taking any action?

Correct answer: C.

How to respond to a negative review >

A compassionate workplace is a healthy workplace

#2 – A compassionate workplace is a healthy workplace

According to research,[bctt tweet=”16% of veterinarians have contemplated suicide and 2.5% have attempted it and been successful.”] This post explores compassion fatigue and shares findings from a survey conducted among 500 veterinary practice support staff. Given that 74.73% of respondents say they’ve experienced it first hand, it’s no surprise that this was our second most popular post of the year. This one’s an essential read for every practice manager and owner.

What you need to know about compassion fatigue >

Millennials – stop complaining about them and start adapting!

#1 – Millennials – stop complaining about them and start adapting!

They expect too much. They get too personal with their peers. They’re constantly on their phones. And they’re convinced they can do better elsewhere. These are four common complaints vet professionals have about millennial employees. Given you can’t live without them, though, you may as well learn to live with them. Today’s veterinary practices are home to multi-generational employees. Wish everyone could get along? This advice will help you create a more harmonious, all-generations-welcome workplace!

Get to know your millennials >

That’s it for our year in review. The entire VetSuccess team extends our warmest wishes for a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year!

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