7 signs of a healthy pet

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No one knows our pets the way we do, and we notice all of their behaviors and quirks. Some of these details are signs of how happy and healthy our pets are. Does your pet show these 7 signs of good health?

1. Shiny coat and smooth skin

The next time you are cuddling with your pet, pay attention to her coat and skin. Her coat should look nice and glossy, and be free of dandruff or excess oil. The skin should be smooth, without any flakes, scabs, or redness. Skin color can vary based on the breed, but in general, it should range from a light pink to a dark brown color. Watch out for fleas or ticks hiding on your pet’s skin. You can protect your pet from these pesky parasites by putting them on a year-round preventative.

2. Bright eyes

When your pet gazes up at you with that look you can’t say no to, her eyes should be bright and shiny. If you see any mucus or tears, it should be clear and minimal. The lining on the inside of her eyelid should be pink. Any inflammation or redness is a sign to reach out to your vet.

3. Clean ears

The inside of those big floppy (or pointy) ears should be a light pink color. A small amount of yellow or brownish earwax is normal. But if you notice any excess wax or crust, then talk to your vet. Also, if your pet is constantly scratching or shaking their head, then this could be a sign of an ear problem.

4. White teeth and fresh breath

Your pet may not have the best breath, but it should smell somewhat clean. Her teeth should be nice and white, without plaque or tartar buildup. If you are curious about how to brush your pet’s teeth, your vet can help you out. Your pet’s gums are also important to check. The color can vary from pet to pet, but generally, the gums should be pink. Yearly dental checkups can help detect dental issues and prevent periodontal disease. By learning to maintain good dental habits, you can help your pet’s overall health.

5. Healthy bathroom habits

Whether it’s on a fire hydrant or in a litter box, your pet’s waste is a good indicator of their health. Urine should be clear and yellow, and solid waste should be brown and firm. The average pet has 1-2 bowel movements a day. Take note of any changes in your pet’s bathroom habits and seek out your vet’s opinion if necessary.

6. Good appetite

Happy and healthy pets generally maintain a healthy and consistent appetite. Since different pets have different nutrition needs and eating habits, it’s a good idea to pay attention to your pet’s individual behavior. Be sure to notice if your pet’s appetite suddenly changes. A poor appetite could be a sign of boredom, dental problems, or other health issues. Your veterinarian can help you find the best food and routine for your pet.

7. Ready for playtime

Does your pet get excited when she sees that new toy? Keep in mind that every pet is different, but most pets will be eager to play. Happy and healthy pets are usually active, but the level of activity will depend on breed, age, and other factors. If your pet is usually energetic but suddenly loses interest in playing, then it might be time to talk to your vet.

Maintain your pet’s health

Each pet is unique, and as you get to know your pet’s individual habits, it will be easier to notice changes. These 7 signs of a healthy pet are a great starting point for making sure your pet is happy. Our pets deserve the best, and with a proper diet, playtime, grooming, and regular visits to the vet, we can keep them healthy and thriving.



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