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The Unique Prescribed Solution to Prevent and Reverse Obesity and Easily Feed Rx Diets in Multi-Pet Homes

Available exclusively through veterinarians

Accurate, Portion-Controlled Feeding

Perfectly delivered
  • The only veterinary-grade medical device that automatically dispenses timed, portion-controlled food to a specific pet while denying food to all other pets.
  • Provides the key to a successful veterinarian-prescribed wellness and weight management program.
  • Eliminates the stress and frustration of multi-pet feeding.

Permits Access by Only a Selected Pet

Prevents access by others
  • Makes it easier to feed prescription or weight-loss diets in multi-pet homes.
  • Controls food access through patented Pet Field Communication™ (PFC) technology.
  • Ensures that only the designated pet accesses the meals.
  • Eliminates the risk of other pets eating prescription food.

Prescribe with Confidence

The PortionPro Rx will be available soon in the United States for $289.

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