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Humans are expected to get annual exams — everything from routine checkups and bloodwork to teeth cleaning and eye exams. So why shouldn’t our pets do the same? Wellness exams can detect and treat preventable diseases, as well as spot signs of more serious illnesses, which is why it’s crucial to take your dog or cat in for regular exams.

The dogs days of summer are upon us! That means spending time at the lake, frolicking in the sun and, unfortunately, the threat of heat stroke. Pets are especially susceptible to overheating because they can’t sweat like humans do. Instead, they cool themselves by panting, which isn’t the most efficient way to dissipate heat. This increases their risk for overheating

The Hard Facts About Heartworms April is National Heartworm Awareness Month. While most owners are aware of the importance of protecting their pets from fleas and ticks, many are in the dark about how dangerous this potentially deadly parasite can be. Heartworm disease is a serious illness that can affect both dogs and cats (as well as ferrets), causing severe