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AVMF and Banfield Foundation team up for future projects Veterinarians took their services into communities across the country for Make a Difference Day. (SCHAUMBURG, Illinois) Oct. 27, 2015 – It isn’t unusual for America’s homeless population to share their lives with special pets, often reporting that their pets provide them with a sense of comfort, belonging and responsibility. Many put

In 2011, science threw a curveball at Nicholas Dodman and Alice Moon-Fanelli. The two researchers were looking at bull terriers in hopes of finding the gene responsible for a debilitating behavior common in the breed. Up to 85 percent of any litter will compulsively chase their tails, sometimes to the point of savaging themselves or anyone who tries to interrupt

Are you noticing that your older dog is having trouble navigating around the house? Is your dog more nervous when people come over or during thunderstorms? Are you seeing grouchiness or irritability with a housemate dog? There are various behavior changes we can see as our dogs age. Often, this is due to brain aging, but it may be worsened