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Who should I put down for tech contact – our IT technician or our lead veterinary technician?
This request is for the person responsible for your technology and maintaining your servers. We will provide their information to our Data Team for the PIM integration. We will also provide them with the information they need to link your new eCommerce platform with your existing hospital website.
Who should I put down for “primary contact”? Does it have to be the doctor?
The primary contact should be the person in charge of Home Delivery for your practice. Traditionally, this person is your office manager or whoever is responsible for driving the success of your Home Delivery platform.
Why are the PIM questions required? What if I am not sure what version my PIM is?
Your “PIM” is the practice management software your hospital uses. Our in-hospital scripting software integrates with over a dozen of the most commonly used PIMs to pull client and pet data into your home delivery platform. Integration takes less than 30 minutes and enables you to generate orders from our software in under 60 seconds.
How long does the enrollment process typically take?
We’re ready when you are! Motivated hospitals can get up and running within a week.
Should I enroll as a partner or member hospital?
To get the full benefits of Home Delivery you will want to enroll as a partner hospital. Partner hospitals will be set-up with their own eCommerce shopping site, our exclusive scripting software, ScriptRight, and much more! Member hospitals as well as partner hospitals will be able to utilize our eConnect program, which gives you the ability to electronically receive and process prescription requests from orders your clients place through our marketing partner. Enrollment
What steps are required before I can launch home delivery for my practice?
After you enroll online, we will reach out to help guide you through the activation process. The first step in this process is completing your administrative training – a live web-based training where we will train your program manager on customizing your Home Delivery platform for your practice’s needs. We will support your program manager through any set up and customizations that your practice would like to see. The final step in the activation process is training for you & your staff on how to use your new Home Delivery. Following your staff training, you will be ready to link your store to your hospital’s website and launch your new platform! Enrollment 
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