About VetSource
I'm a pet owner
We’re VetSource. A safe and secure pharmacy partner that acts as an extension of your practice. We know there are a lot of online pharmacies out there that aren’t exactly worthy of your trust, let alone your business. But VetSource is different. We are fully licensed Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians who are here to support your practice. Being pharmacists is what we love. We don’t take safety lightly. We’re rigorous when it comes to our processes and operational standards, and properly licensed in all 50 states. We’re a PCI certified service provider, maintaining a secure environment for all credit card information. And our private proprietary software keeps client data safe. In short, we offer the safest Home Delivery experience possible. All in a seamless process that acts as an extension of your services.
Your Clients Will Benefit. Don't Worry, We'll Give You The Credit
Your clients, of course, get the added convenience of getting their pets’ medications delivered right to their doors. But they get more than that. They’ll get monthly education and information about their pets as well as the peace of mind in knowing that it all got there through you. That convenience and peace of mind benefits pets too. Because it means their humans are more likely to maintain consistency with their medications and nutrition. And, even when their humans tend to be extra…human, we have a couple of built in programs to help:


Your clients can have medications and nutrition product delivered on a regular schedule without having to place an order each time. That way, there’s no chance of them running out of their pets’ long-term medications or food.

Remind Me™

When it comes to monthly medications, pet owners could use a little reminder. So we repackage those medications and ship them as single, monthly doses. The doses arrive at the same time every month, removing any guesswork around when or what medications need to be given.

Monthly Email Program

We’ll make sure your clients are aware of your valuable service with monthly emails that go straight to their inbox, from your clinic. Inside every email you clients will find valuable information and education about their pets as well as promotional offers incentivizing them to take part.


Enough about us. What can we do for your practice? -Optimize products you provide. Partner with us and everything in our pharmacy becomes a virtual part of yours No need to try and stock every kind of medication and nutrition item. You can now be choosy about what you stock in-house, knowing your clients’ needs will be met. -Increase your client loyalty. Clients like the convenience of Home Delivery. They like it even more when it’s offered through their vet’s office. And simply put, when clients are happy, so is your business. -Keep your clients compliant with their pets’ medications. Let’s face it, humans can be, well, human. They forget, run out, or just can’t find the medication they need. Home Delivery along with our AutoShip and our Remind Me™ programs make it easy for clients to comply with your recommendations. -Protect your revenue. If you don’t offer Home Delivery, your clients will find it somewhere else. And that somewhere else is likely a Direct-to-Consumer online pharmacy. You not only lose that revenue, but your clients could be administering unsafe products.